Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Monochromatic look

      I tried to create this look from the moment I bought this coat. Every time I saw an item matching in color, I immediately bought it - sweaters, pants, shoes. Most of the time they didn't match and I had to return them and keep looking again. The hardest part was to find shoes. We all know that white color has so many different shades and pretty often those shades don't match, and it happened in my case pretty often.

      I have been looking for the right boots for so long and finally found them when I least expected. I stopped by at Macy's last week for a totally different purpose and just run by their shoe department when I saw that pair. I stopped and tried them on right away. They were my size, my color and only one pair left with 50% off. Of course, I bought them right away knowing that they would match perfectly with my pants. I was not mistaken.

     To say that I was happy is to say nothing. It took two years to create this look, but I like the result.

Coat - Express, Shirt -Free People, Sweater - Massimo Dutti, Pants - Anthropologie, Boots - Steven Madden, Bag - Michael Kors, Gloves - TJMaxx

Photos by Evgeny Verivski


  1. What a sophisticated elegant look! And what a luck you found those shoes!

  2. I agree with Nancy, sophisticated and elegant. Marvelous look.

  3. Oh wow! Is there anything you can't wear??? This is FAB-U-LOUS. I'm going to try and re-create this Tatiana. xx Jacqui x

    1. Please, do! I would love to see it on you! Thank you so much for your comment, Jacqui!

  4. Two years is a long time but the finished look is perfect! Wow!

  5. Amazing! Such perfect shade matches. I can see why it took 2 years.


  6. I adore a good monochromatic look and you look absolutely incredible. The entire look is so chic. I love how you accessorized the outfit as well! So beautiful. Have a great weekend!


  7. It certainly paid off, Tatiana. Your outfit is so elegant and light, I like it a lot