Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My new suede jacket

      I have been looking at this suede jacket about a month before I decided to buy it. I really loved it, but the thought that the color was very light and had to be cleaned pretty often didn't let me rest. I liked everything about that jacket excluding the frequent cleaning part.

      Finally, I tried it on and realized that this item will satisfy numerous my requirements. It will go with almost every bottoms in my closet. The length of this jacket is just perfect for wearing it with high-rise jeans and trousers, and with my spring dresses and skirts. I bought it and decided to try it on one more time at home with all my spring items and after that make my final decision.

       And, of course, as soon as I put on every bottom I had in my closet for spring, I convinced myself that this jacket was so much needed in my wardrobe. It added a pop of color and more style to every look. And as for the frequent cleaning..., it no longer seemed like a problem to me.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spring colors

      When I saw this wool sweater coat at my Anthropologie store I realized right away that it is going to be a great option for early spring days. It was in December and I imagined myself wearing this piece when the trees are ready to show us their first leaves and the sky is bright and blue and matches well with the color of this sweater coat. It felt like at that point it was such a long way to go until spring, but in one blink of an eye, here I am wearing it already… Life goes too fast, doesn’t it?

      I found this coat very comfortable and warm in windless cool days. It goes well with a pair of jeans for a relaxing day, and it is also good with a pair of formal trousers. I like when I can wear items in multiple ways. I love the color combination of light blue, grey and coral, I think it is calling for spring.

      The only one thing is I probably will not wear it in the fall season, but I think it is ok. I think it is great to add right colors for each season.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Seasonal change

      We are getting close to the spring season, and I am finding that it is not easy anymore to create interesting and fresh outfits with items I have been wearing the entire winter. Also, I am tired of warm and heavy garments, but it is still not warm enough outside to wear something lighter when I need to walk for hours in the city.

      On Monday I had a day off and started that day with moving my winter coats in a different closet until the next winter season. I felt so ready for something lighter and "springier". I decided that I have plenty of warm sweaters which would help me survive a couple of weeks in seasonal change.

      One that I wore on Monday afternoon was from Free People - light and very warm, thanks to composition of wool, mohair and alpaca. I put a lightweight windproof jacket on top which helped to keep warmth inside. We spent the whole afternoon in Philadelphia and I felt light and warm; and my outfit definitelly put me on a spring mood.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Level of confidence

      It is still pretty cold here, in Philadelphia, but I couldn't wait to wear this knit jacket which I bought about a month ago. Believe me, I was in a mood to be creative, I tried many different options to put underneath this jacket, but as always, I ended up with my black cashmere turtleneck which you have seen in almost every post.

      At first, I was thinking "Again? Everybody is bored already with this sweater including myself...", but a few minutes later I realized that it was the item that made me - me. It is one of my goals to stay true to myself, I want to wear outfits that represent me and only me one hundred percent. I don't want to focus on my ability to create just any outfit, but to create an outfit for myself. Why resist?

     Yesterday I had a day off and decided to spend some time in the city. And I noticed that my level of confidence was much higher when I followed my style preference. Do you feel this way in clothes you wear?