Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day in jeans

      It is interesting, but the word "jeans" means rest for me. No matter how fancy they are, I always feel very casual and laid-back when I wear them. Usually, they don't need much attention in terms of accessories and special tops because they go well almost with everything.

     The jeans I am wearing today needed a little bit extra work because they were already a statement piece in the whole outfit. That's why I had to be careful with a top and accessories, I didn't want to overload the whole look.

      I love wearing jeans on days when I want to feel relaxed and cool. They make me feel young and carefree. And I am still looking for a perfect pair of jeans - the ones with great fit and shape, but at the same time - simple and casual style.

     Which brands of jeans do you prefer?

Friday, August 25, 2017

White colors

      Have you noticed that sometimes two white items don't match with each other? Even though they are both white, sometimes different shades of this color make it harder to put them together.

      For example, the pants I am wearing today are white with cream tones and when I tried a white shirt on, they looked like they were washed too many times and lost their whiteness. Paired with a pure-white item they lost their attractiveness.

      This tank top has the exact shade of white as the pants and and I got a totally different outcome.  The color looks bright and reach. All shades of white are definitely my favorites for the summer!

Monday, August 21, 2017

New York trip

     Last Friday we went to New York to finally get our Russian travel passports, and decided to stay there over night. I was very happy about this decision, because this city impacts me so positively. Every time I go there I feel very inspired;  this city makes me believe that everything is possible if you really want something (of course, if you are working hard towards your goals).

     And the most exiting thing is that we get a chance to spend time together with my daughter, Olga. She lives in New York and loves being there so much. We had a great time together and enjoyed every minute spent together.

     That night I wanted to feel comfortable and at the same time dressed up. In New York it is almost impossible to wear heels because there is always too much walking, even though you are not planning to go far at first. That why I chose a pair of the most comfortable shoes  in my closet - wedges. They are very stable and not that high.

      Also, you can never go wrong with a black and white outfit - it is my favorite combination.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


       It is interesting how mush I have changed in some areas since I moved from Russia to the US. And probably, one of the biggest changes is wearing accessories. Back in Russia I was not a big fan of anything plastic or glass. I preferred gold or silver and real gemstones only, and it wasn't just me. Most of my girlfriends did the same thing. We believed that imitation jewelry made us look cheap, and it was a big cultural thing back in those days.

      Also, I didn't wear scarfs or hats, only at winter time when I had to. I felt like it didn't belong to me, I didn't like how it looked on me.

      Now, 11 years latter,  believe it or not, I wear fine jewelry very rearely, only for super special occasions. I love wearing accessories and I wear them a lot. I would never pass by a good deal with any kind of  accessories - hats, scarfs, necklaces, anything.... I love and keep them all.

     For example, this flower brooch I am wearing today, I bought many years ago, and this top I just got from Anthropologie. I put them together and they looked like one complete piece. The top looks more interesting with this addition.

     Have you noticed that sometimes we can create a totally new, unrecognizable look due to accessories?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

New type of look

       I bought every item from this outfit separately and at different periods of time. The brown tank-top was hanging in my closet for almost a year until I decided to try it on with one of my favorite tops. When I added these pants I realized that every item from this look has the same basic color, but different undertones - from beige to brown.

     When I looked to the mirror I couldn't say right away that I liked it. It was different from what I usually wear, but at the same time I couldn't say "No" to this look. I found it pretty interesting and stylish. I added some accessories and showed it to my main expert - Evgeny. He didn't look like he was impressed at first either. But we both decided to give it a try.

     And at the end of the day it actually all worked out! I got compliments from people on the streets and I felt very comfortable and confident wearing my new creation.

     Well..., it is a little bit different, but who says that we can not experiment?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Walk along the waterfront

      Sometimes I really like wearing something simple and comfortable without anything extra:  a little bit of make up,  simple bracelets and earrings, comfortable shoes and lose-fitting clothes. On days like that all I want is to feel relaxed and free.

      Today I am wearing another striped top (the kind I have plenty of in my closet), and linen pants. What could be better for walking along the waterfront? I always enjoy being near the big water - a sea, an ocean or a wide river, it gives me calmness and peace.

      Sometimes I need a break from dressy clothes in order to enjoy simplicity.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

More summer colors

       Unfortunately, our summer season is too short and I have always felt that it is not enough time to wear all my summer clothes. Even though my wardrobe is not that big anymore (I did a really great job with cleaning my shelves and racks), I still have a few items I haven't worn this year yet. Today I am wearing one of them, another item with summer colors.

       It is one of my favorite dresses which I bought last year at Anthropologie. I already showed this dress last year here. We were at the shore and I wore it as a beach dress with flats and a regular bag. But today we had a birthday party to attend and all I did was just added heels, a statement necklace and a beaded clutch. And it turned out as an evening look.

      I love items like this dress, when I can create more than one outfit from it and when I can dress it up or down. Just add some accessories depending on the event and I can feel comfortable and appropriate in any situation.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer colors

       I want to start today's post with a big Thank You to all of you who read my blog, leave comments and help me to keep writing even though it is not always easy for me. Today, on August 1st, a year ago, I started this blog with big doubts about blogging in English. I wasn't sure if I could do it even for one year, but I am still here. It is my first little Anniversary and, being honest, I am very happy I didn't quit.

      Today I want to show you my look which I was wearing on Sunday. I think that the summer requires bright colors. I like wearing white and all colors which reminds me about ripe fruit - peaches, nectarines, apricots, berries, watermelons... Summer is the only season when it is absolutely acceptable to wear really bright colors.

      On this sunny, beautiful day I feel so comfortable wearing this outfit - simple, comfortable and, in my opinion, very summery. Of course, fall is coming soon and orange is one of the main colors of that season, but it will be a totally different shade of orange, dipper and darker. But now, we all need something really bright and colorful before the long months of cold weather.