Monday, May 29, 2017

Random selection

      Do you have these moments when you stand in front of your closet and don't have any idea what you want to wear right now. You have mixed up feelings coming from "I don't have anything to wear..." In your mind you are trying different clothes on and not liking anything at the moment. It was exactly what felt standing and looking at my clothes.

      Finally, I chose the new culottes I bought recently at Anthropologie and a long cardigan, which was hanging in my closet at least for a year with a tag on. At first, it looked like a weird combination - a long cardigan and short pants, but when I tried it on, I really liked it. Unfamiliarly, but pretty interesting.

      We went to Philadelphia and I was surprised how many compliments I got from people on the streets.  It was a bit of a risky outfit for me to wear, but it turned out that it worked out well.

      Sometimes, it is a good thing to go out of our comfort zone and enjoy something that is totally not ours. And by the end of the day it became one of my favorite outfit I've created by chance. I felt very comfortable in it.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shoe addiction

      I love shoes, all different kinds of shoes! I don't think that I am saying something new or unusual, and I am sure that all of us feel the same. When I was in my twenties in Russia, it wasn't easy to buy a good pair of any shoes (sandals, boots, heels). For good quality shoes we would pay almost a monthly salary, that's why I had a tiny variety of choices - two pair of winter boots, two-three pairs of spring/fall season shoes and three-four summer sandals and flip-flops. I was very gentle wearing them and took care of each pair very well.I always went to a shoe repair shop with any little problem to make my shoes ' life longer.

      When I moved to the US, at first I couldn't believe how cheap the shoe shopping was here compared to Russia. I couldn't stop buying pairs after pairs and I didn't know how to keep myself from the stores with attractive sale prices.I felt like I was in a shoe paradise.

      But today, ten years later, I treat shopping completely differently. I feel that enough is enough. Nowadays I have become very selective with my shopping, especially with shoes. I decided to buy only something really interesting and, I would say, different. Something that catches attention and at the same time is made with quality and comfort.

    Today I am wearing the shoes I bought last fall at Anthropologie. I fell in love with them at first sight, but they were pricey for me. I added them to my shopping cart and started waiting until they go on sale. And if my size got sold out before they went on sale, it would have been ok with me. Today I know for sure that another beautiful pair will always be waiting for me. I am not worried about it anymore.

     But in this particular case everything worked out just perfectly. This pair of shoes cost around $200.00, I waited for a month, and finally bought them for $41.00. Isn't great?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stroll in a park

       I was always sure that for a stroll in the park I definitely have to wear sportwear. I was thinking that it is all about activities and regular clothes are not appropriate for walking in the park areas. But why did I think so? Who said that every time I go there I have to look like I am ready to exercise?

      Today was a beautiful day to be outside and I really wanted to spend some time just walking somewhere in the nature. However this time I wanted to wear something light and springy, but not a t-short with leggins. I decided to try something different.

      I didn't plan to take any pictures, but when Evgeny looked at me, he asked: "Why not? I like your outfit - simple and cute. Let's take some..." And I repeated after him - "Truly, why not?"

      We had a great time walking, talking and enjoying the warm, spring day together. And I realized that my look seemed totally fine and I felt very comfortable in this outfit for a little stroll in that beautiful park. Maybe I looked a little different from others, but who said that it's a bad thing?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My girl's Birthday

      Today is my daughter's Birthday! When she said that she wants to come to Philadelphia and spend her Day with us I was on top of the world! What a great idea!
      It reminded me that since she was a little girl I was always trying to do something different and special on her birthday. I always surprised her with something. She made me very happy with her decision for this year's celebration. Could I wish more?
      It was a perfect, sunny, warm day in Philadelphia full of laugh, happiness and love. We were so happy to get together. Family only! And we know exactly how to have the most wonderful time together.
     Happy Birthday to my best girl in the World! You are my best friend, biggest support, greatest inspiration! Love you so much!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Becoming favorite

     I found it interesting how some items have been becoming so popular in my closet and I want to wear them over and over again. Fo example, this skirt. I bought it on purpose, only because I needed to finish my outfit with a jacket which my friend made for me (Hand-made jacket). And it turned out that I am wearing it very often - with sweaters, with a vest, with denim and today I tried the skirt with a jacket and it also worked well.

      It literally goes almost with every item from my closet. I love garments like that! It has truly become one of my favorite pieces of clothes. The print has all colors I need to match with different kinds of tops. I am sure I will show you many more outfits with this item involved.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Long cardigan

     Today I am wearing another timeless piece from my wardrobe  - a wool/cashmere cardigan. I found this long cardigan probably four or five years ago at TJMaxx, and since then I've been wearing it with great pleasure every spring and fall seasons. It looks different from all my clothes due to its the length and the fact that it neither has any buttons nor a belt.

      Again, well made Italian piece which is not easy to find these days. I thing it will never go out of style, that's why all these years I haven't even had any thoughts to get rid of this item. Instead, I always give it extra care: hand wash, bring outside and hang for a couple of days on the really hot, sunny days to protect from moths.

      It is interesting, but I don't have too many items in my closet for which I care so much. What about you?

Friday, May 5, 2017

The right length

      I want to talk a little bit about the right length of clothes again. I bought these pants online last fall on a big sale. I loved everything about them, but every time I put them on there was something I didn't like and couldn't understand exactly what it was. There were well made and fit me perfectly, they had great quality of fabric, I loved the color... But I couldn't pair them with anything from my wardrobe. I was thinking to return them.

      Two weeks ago I got a regular box of clothes from my Olga and I found a few interesting pieces for myself. One of them was a vest I am wearing today. I was trying to create  this look and stumbled upon these pants again. Well, I decided to try them on one more time before sending them back. A miracle didn't happened, something still looked wrong..., until I hemmed the pants. And these 2 inches helped me get a totally different look.

      The proportions and the whole outfit looked great now! I went upstairs, opened my sewing machine, cut off these 2 inches right away and 30 minutes later I got a perfect pair of pants. Now they go well with heels and with flats, they look great with almost all my sweaters and tops. The right length can change the whole look completely. A little thing, but is very important!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Something simple

      Comfortable, simple, easy to create and wear... Sometimes I can  spontaneously change my whole outfit right before I have to leave the house. Do you have these moments when you realize in the last minute that everything you put on yourself doesn't fit your current mood? When all of a sadden you understand that want something totally different...

      It is exactly what happened with me today. I had totally different clothes on me, but something wasn't right, I didn't feel comfortable at all. I needed something simpler and more casual.  At the last moment I decided to change the whole look, and surprisingly, It made me happier and more relaxed. 

     It is interesting how our clothes can make such a big change in our mood and self-perception.