Hi, all! 

       My name is Tatiana, I am in my forties and throughout my entire life, I have been passionate about fashion. Clothes, shoes and accessories… Well, maybe not that much with accessories, because I am originally from Russia and Russian women were not as into them at the time I lived there. At that time we preferred fine jewelry, silver and gold. That’s why I am still learning how to include these pieces into my style.

       I decided to start my own blog about style. First of all, my whole life it has been a dream to work in the fashion field, but that dream has not come true (yet), and, second, I just love to put things together and look at myself through the camera lens. My blog is not about fancy things. Most of us can’t afford a collection of Chanel bags or shoes. And I believe that style is not about money!

       I just want to show and convince everyone that we all have enough items in our closets for creating interesting and stylish looks. I am not planning to go to the store and buy new items every time I want to post something. No, for that reason I’ll go to my closet and try to create a new look with things I already have! Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love shopping and I shop all the time! But, in the smart way…

       Let’s do it together! Let’s explore our closets! 


  1. Hi, Tatiana! I really like your Instagram! My name is Paulo, and I run a fashion blog featuring many different styles and people! I was wondering if it was possible for you to appear as well in a sort of guest post!? All I would need to do is get a story about you and some good pics of an outfit!

    Check out my work at www.pauloparadox.com
    Email me at realpauloparadox@gmail.com

    1. Hi, Paulo!
      I sent you a private message using your contact page. Just so you know I am interested. Thank you!

  2. Did you see you became Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav? Nicole of High Latitude Style

    1. Nicole, I am so sorry I just saw your comment. Could you, please, tell me where I can find it?

  3. Hi Tatiana
    I am Andrea Mendez how are you!
    Great blog! Love your style and fantastic photography!
    Please contact me AndreaMbarcinomanagement@gmail.com please and please leave your blog link!

    Andrea Mendez