Thursday, April 27, 2017

A second hand duster

      A couple of years ago my acquaintance, Joan, stopped by my office and brought me this duster. Joan said that she found it at Goodwill and as soon as she saw the size and style she thought of me. And she actually bought it for me.

      When I looked at it, I knew - it was my piece of clothes! The quality, the style and the fabric..., I was amazed. I put it on right away and I loved it from the first sight. Joan told me that she bought it for only $4.00. I couldn't believe it... I wasn't familiar with Ellen Tracy clothing, but I assumed that this item wouldn't be cheap. I opened a website and found the similar one, the price was $499.00. Unbelievable! Thank you very much Joan! It is a real treasure.

      Joan definitely has a good eye. I like her style very much, she always wears something different and interesting, and most of her clothes are from the second hand stores. After I got this present from her I started thinking that it is not a bad idea to check some racks at stores like that one once in a while.

     Do you shop at any second hand stores?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

New-old outfit

      Another set from my wardrobe which has been in my closet for ten years. I remember how much I liked this sweater when I found it at Filene's Basement. It was a little bit pricy, but I couldn't resist. It met all my requirements - quality, color, style. Of course, I bought it!

     And since then, every time I wore this piece, I really enjoyed it. Here is a bright side of well-made clothes - it always pays off. We pay more at first, but if I count how many times I wore it, it turns out that, ten years later,  it is not that expensive anymore and is still in good shape. And, surprisingly, it is still in style. Aren't off the shoulder tops in a big trend this season?

     Same situation with a skirt. In my opinion, it doesn't look out of style at all and I love the color - bright and festive. Especially for a sunny, warm, vernal day like today!

     And the most pleasant thing - it didn't cost me anything to create this outfit. Like I said - I have enough clothes in my closet to create a fresh, new outfit without spending any money. And I am sure - so do you!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trendy items

       Today I am going to talk about H&M again. I want to show you the next two purchases I've made there. I am including a price for each item just to show how affordable new trends could be. In my own opinion, trendy clothes is where we can save our money, because trends go out of style very fast and it is always sad when we have to get rid of clothes only because they are not in style anymore.

      I prefer to pay more money for basic and classic items which never go out of style and I can wear for years. But here is an example, a sweater I am wearing today..., Pink color is a big trend  for Spring 2017, and even though it looks very classic I know it is a one-season item.  I would prefer a similar sweater for the next year, but in a trendy color. That's why the price I paid for that piece is completely satisfied my need.

      I also like to wear layers in spring time, because the weather is very unpredictable during this season. That's why I matched this sweater ($7.00) with a blouse ($18.00) and got a very springy pairing. It was a great deal. 

       I tried this outfit with two different style of shoes and surprisingly I liked my look  the most with slip-on sneakers. Very modern and fresh. Looks like I am giving up heels more and more.

      Which look do you like more?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cozy sweater

      Do you have these days in your life when you don't want to wear anything but very comfortable and relaxed clothes? When all you want is to feel laid back and not to think too much about style. When you want to wrap yourself into something super cozy and big. Sometimes I do have days like I just described.

      Second item I bought at H&M was a sweater I am wearing today. I've been looking for something like that for a while - not too oversized and comfy at the same time. I fulfilled all my wishes with this purchase - color, shape, length, style and price, $10.00 only! I tried it with many items in my closet and it looks good almost with everything.

     I think it is a great addition to my wardrobe and I am happy that I found what I was searching for...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shopping in NYC

      Last Tuesday we went to New York to the Russian Embassy. After we finished our business there I decided to check a couple of stores and one of them was H&M. I've never shopped there because I didn't like the quality and I always thought that this brand was created for younger people. But this time I decided to come in - their windows looked so attractive.

      This H&M store on 5th Avenue is very well organized and to my biggest surprise - it has many items that are very well made. Usually nothing there catches my eye, but not this time. I found many interesting and trendy clothes, went to a fitting room and I was so happy that they have the right sizing. Everything fit me well.

      Another story - their prices... It is paradise! I bought five pieces of clothes for $62.00. Great spring, trendy clothes! Isn't unbelievable?

      Today I am wearing one of them - a bomber which I bought for $10.00. It's been in trend for a while and I've been looking for something like that about a year already, but I couldn't find anything for less than $80.00.

      It was a perfect deal, I couldn't resist.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring is here

      Today, I can finally say that spring is here. On warm, sunny, beautiful Sunday I really wanted to wear something light - in garment and in color. It is interesting, but for spring I prefer  lighter colors than for other seasons. Maybe because they remind me about first young greens on trees and bushes, first flowers and light blue sky. Yes, I am definitely prefer light colors for spring!

      This year, for the first time in a pretty long time I decided to update my spring outerwear. You saw my new trench coat I bought recently on-line, and today I am wearing a second piece from that order. I bought this jacket on-line at Macy's store while they had a big event with 30% off. I wasn't sure about this jacket, but Evgeny didn't want to hear anything about returning it. He fell in love with this item and asked me to keep it. I wasn't sure about the style, but I definitely loved the color. It is very springy plus pink is in trend this season.

      We went for a walk in a park and when I looked at pictures after, I realized that I liked. It is very comfortable and easy to style.  And the color... I love the color. That decides it for me! I will keep it!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All in doubts

      I ordered this trench coat on-line from Macy's right before Olga gave me hers (Denim and leopard print). I know,we have a very short period in between winter and summer seasons, and sometimes I feel like my winter coats and boots need to be switched for light clothes and sandals too quickly. That's why I think I don't need too many items for that transition. But there is always a couple weeks when we all need something warmer than just a cardigan or a jacket.

      I like this trench coat a lot, but the only one thing - it is dark blue again. Do I need another coat in the almost same color? Do I need two coats for that short period of time, even they are different in style? These questions came up to my mind when I was wearing this coat today at work... And the most important question - is it a spring color?

      Probably, it is not the right item for me if I have so many questions... What do you think?