Tuesday, May 19, 2020

When something is wrong with your hair

      As I have already said many times before I am not a big fan of head-wear. I am trying to incorporate them in my style but it doesn't look like they work well for me. I constantly buy interesting hats, head scarves and accessories inspired by other women, but most of the time they are just staying in my closet untouched after a few wears. I love to see any kind of accessories on other women but I struggle to make it my habit.

      Today was a windy day plus my regrown hair and untouched roots went out of control which made me think that I needed some extra help. I went through my shelf with scarves and found this one which I was wearing today. It is actually one of my favorite little scarves which I have worn in different ways, and this time I decided to use it as a bandana. It is probably not so much my style, but I felt pretty comfortable and not awkward in it.

     Again, I used my trick with wearing the same color of bottom and shoes, and actually I liked the result. I think I will repeat this image again.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Very old sweater

     This sweater is one of those items in my closet to which I cannot say goodbye. I don't even remember how old this item is, but it still remains one of my most favorite  pieces in my wardrobe. It is soft, cozy and light enough to wear by itself in late spring and early summer, and warm enough to wear with a blouse underneath in winter time. 

      I don't know how many times I sewed every torn pom-pom and gently hand washed this sweater, but I know for sure that I have really enjoyed doing it. It reminds me my old times, when every piece of my clothes and shoes in my wardrobe had value and I took care of them with big pleasure. I have been thinking more and more about it lately, because I like the feelings that I made the right choice in the beginning and this loved item has stayed with me until the very end of its life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Prolonging the wear of my skirt

      This skirt has been in my closet for a few years already, and I have always thought that it is a winter-only item. I bought it around Christmas time and decided that I was supposed to wear it only throughout the cold season. It is mainly black and has a pretty thick fabric, I always wear it with high boots.

      But when I tried it on with a light sweater and those shoes, I suddenly realized that I was wrong. I liked how leopard shoes matched with a print of the skirt because it contains leopards drawing on it. And, again, in this outfit, I think two different prints compliment each other and made the whole outfit look more interesting. What do you think?

Friday, May 8, 2020

A little addition

      I created today's look thanks to these blooming trees that I saw last time walking in this area. We are so lucky to have this beautiful college near our home, and now it is the only place where we can enjoy walking and seeing the variety of blooming trees and flowers. 

      Ivory and green is a very classic, simple combination. And I think it would be a boring look if I hadn't added a polka dot scarf to this outfit, which tied the whole image together and made it look more interesting and elevated. I have already said it before that I like to include at least one printed item in my outfits and sometimes even a little addition, like my scarf, makes a big difference in the end.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Special mood

      Today we finally got one of those days when I could feel that spring has finally arrived: sunny, warm and even the light breeze feels comfortable. Trees and flowers are fully in bloom, birds are tweeting nonstop which means it is time to put on something spring-y. I didn't think long, it was easy to make a decision.

      Time has come for my favorite flower dress, which I combined with a striped jacket. I wasn't sure if those two prints matched well together, but I liked the result. This dress always puts me on a special mood, it simply makes me happy. It has been in my closet for a long time and I still wear it with the same joy as the first time I put it on. 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Another way of wearing cropped jeans

      When Evgeny saw me in this outfit his first question was: "Why did put those shoes on if they are in a different color from your jeans? You have blue boots for this look. You just talked about matching shoes recently..." I laughed and replayed: "The key word about matching shoes and pants was "Sometimes"! That my rule doesn't apply to every outfit." He looked confused for a minute, but decided not to argue with me. I just explained to him (poor men) that in this case monochrome would be so boring and I would look so blue if I wore blue boots.

     My all-time favorite is a total black look, I also like all white outfits, but I wouldn't wear too many items of any other color, especially everything in dark blue . That's why I decided to dilute my outfit with light brown suede shoes. Despite the fact that these cropped jeans and shoes are totally in totally different color, I like the result. In this case it works well for me and I don't get an impression that this combination cuts off my legs.

     I just I wanted to say with this post that there are really no rules for us to make us look better or worse. It is all about how we feel about wearing our clothes and accessories. The only rule I am trying to follow at all times is - my clothes should serve me and not the other way around.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

My tip for how to look taller

      I noticed that I have become a big fan of cropped pants and jeans lately. They don't hide the beauty of my shoes and are easy to style, but there is a little hidden trick. Sometimes they make me look shorter than I am if I choose the wrong shoes. I probably wouldn't care that much if I were taller, but I am 5'4" and every inch counts in my case.

      Therefore, I always very carefully select shoes for that length of pants. Sometimes all I do is try to match the color of my pants and shoes since this combination makes my legs look longer and generally makes me look taller.  The same color of the shoe continues the length of the pants and visually lengthens the legs.

      For comparison, I specially put on two different shoes to make the difference clearer. Heel height difference is only one inch, but I look much shorter in blue boots. I like my look with blue shoes, but today I prefer the red once because I feel and look taller in them.

     Which option do you like more?