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Window shopping

I am still on my "No buying of new summer clothes" challenge but when Evgene was going to Cristiana Mall I decided to go with him just for the company. Sometimes I like to go from store to store without any purpose just observing what is new, how mannequins are styled. For this kind of trip, I didn't need to wear anything complicated or dressy, I wanted something simple and resting. And of course, what could be more comfortable than a pair of stretchy jeans with a knit top? I added a glam necklace but wasn't sure if I liked it. I found lately that most of the time I keep my neck empty, I have become more of the "statement earrings" person. But I know for sure that it is not forever.  My preferences are very impermanent... Top, Jeans, Shoes, Necklace - Anthropologie, Earrings - Macy's, Bag - Michael Kors ,  Sunglasses - Dolce&Gabbana Photos by Evgeny Verivski Linking up with: https://www.c

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