Tuesday, December 31, 2019

On a sunny winter day

      Today we had some errands to run in Philadelphia and I wanted to wear something comfortable on this sunny winter day, something that makes me feel well and definitely be myself. That's why my today's outfit didn't contain anything new, only my favorite items that served me for years. Like my boots, for example...

       I don't even remember how old they are, maybe eight or ten years old. And maybe, they are not in trend anymore, but they are definitely in my style. I still love them too much and am still not ready to part with them. And for me this is the only thing that matters in relation to some pieces in my wardrobe. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Experimental look

       Velvet is one of my most favorite fabrics. I remember my mom had a beautiful velvet black dress which she wore on special events with a string of pearls and black suede heels. It was a very classic and traditional way of wearing velvet. I was little and at that time I was dreaming that one day I would repeat my mom's image in my life. Of course, I did it when I was in my thirties... But at that time, the only way of wearing velvet was nights out or formal events.

      Since then the fashion has changed a lot and many rules have been broken. Now we have a great option to experiment with mixing different styles and fabrics, prints and colors. And I am happy that velvet has become a big trend for this year and not only for nights out and special events.

      I bought this skirt thinking to try it in different ways. Of course, it goes perfectly with a sequin top and black heels, very festive and traditional look. But I couldn’t wait to go further and try it with something I would not even imagine putting together twenty years ago. I really wanted to make this skirt work in a casual way. That’s why I chose a casual knit sweater and high knee combat boots to balance out the festiveness of velvet look.

      I really wanted to repeat my idea in reality after I talked about it in Glossyu.com post here. And it seemed that I was able to put my idea into practice. 

      What do you think about my experimental look?

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bring to life

      I decided to devote my last Sunday to clothes that needed repair: my beloved black knitted turtleneck formed a small hole; a Pom-Pom came off on one  of my sweaters; a jacket was missing a button; pants that I bought a year ago needed a trim and hemming... In one word  - little things which needed some attention and love, and, of course, time which I usually don't have for things like that lately.

      But they are my favorite items which I have had in my closet for years, and with which I am still not ready to part. For example, the jacket I was wearing today... It was missing a button for months, which didn't allow me to wear it. And every time I put it on in, especially in a rush, it reminded me that this jacket needed some repairs and at the last minute I would have to start looking for a replacement. How many times has it happened?

      That's why I feel like it was a good day that helped me bring many pieces in closet to life. Do you repair your clothes or just throw them away with any little defects?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hand painted pieces of art

     One more post about my creative friends. And today I want to talk about my girlfriend who lives five-minute drive away from my house. She was the first person I met in the US when I came here 13 years ago and since then we have become close friends.

      Her name is Olga Anderson. She is a very highly qualified seamstress who works for a well known  place in Wayne, PA, called Cappelli Tallors. Her work as seamstress is impeccable, but besides that she has another hobby. In her free time, she creates wonderful scarves.

     Have you ever heard about a batik technique? If you you haven't, I will tell you that it is something I would never try again..., I tried once with Olga and realized that it was not for me. Batik is a hand-painted piece of natural silk. That technique is very complicated and takes a lot of patience, skills and time. But she nailed it and brought her work to the level of a master in this matter.

     Accessories in women's wardrobe are a very powerful thing which can help totally change the whole look. That's why I pay more and more attention not only to the quality of garments I am buying, but also to the accessories I include in my outfits. Because in the life of women there are no insignificant things, right?

     We all got together on Sunday again and decided to share our presents from Olga which she made for our birthdays. Yes, Olga painted a scarf for each of us on each of our birthdays. Aren't we lucky?Again, we had a great time with my girls and did a photoshoot in honor of our talented and very generous friend.

     If you are interested in her work you can check her page on Facebook here or stop by at Cappelli Tallors, 621Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087.

      Here is our Olga Anderson:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

White for winter

     I have noticed that I bought many off-white clothes for this upcoming cold season. I don't know why, but this year every time when I have a choice for something in different colors I always tend to pick the lightest one. I have never had white pants for winter before, but again in all variety of colors of those pants I chose the ones I am showing today.

      Of course,  I would not wear today's outfit in gray, rainy days, but when it is sunny and bright I feel that white is still appropriate winter! Do you wear white for winter?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Handmade treasures from a friend

      A few years ago my friend had a relative visiting her from Moscow. We all fell in love with her personality and all of us became good friends. Her name is Irina Kurianova and not only she is fun person to be around, but she is also a very talented and creative fiber artist. Her field is felting wool.

     When I saw her work, I could hardly believe all accessories she shared with us were created by her own hands. I have never heard about that kind of technique before. But one day she invited us all to our friend's house and gave us a lesson of how to create those things. We made brooches-flowers and I remember how hard it was. 

     Now she has her own business in Moscow which is very successful and her work is in high demand. She has been very popular not only in Russia, but also all over the world. Also she teaches her own classes for beginners and not only. Actually, Luda (you can see her below) just came back from Moscow, she took Irina' classes there.

     I am all about handmade and unique items, because it is always something that nobody else would own. I have already said it before in my previous posts that I was a seamstress in Russia, that's why I value so much anything what other people can create. I know how special every piece becomes when you put so much energy during the creative process.

     And on Sunday we all got together with my girls and decided to show Irina's work. We all have at least one piece of her wonderful items which I really think as art. We spent a great day together and we were so happy to share our pieces of treasure we got from her.

I leave her website here if you want to look for more of her wonderful work or maybe you would be interested in buying something for yourself or somebody you love. I believe that those items contain something really special and different, because they are made with great, positive energy and love!

And now, let me introduce my great models and best friends:

      Olga Anderson

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mixing prints

     As you, who read my blog regularly,  have already noticed, I am pretty conservative and careful with my style. If I am in doubt, I prefer to leave a piece of accessories or extra layer  of clothes out,  rather than add it to my outfit. It is very rare that I push myself out of my comfort zone and I like the result. Usually,  my experiments end up with disappointment and when I look at my pictures I know I will never repeat a look again.

     Of course, once in a while I try to be more flexible and play with items in my closet, like today... Honestly, I am still not comfortable with matching different prints in my outfits even though I like to see it on others very much. But today I felt comfortable enough to repeat that look again.