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What's wrong with sizes lately?

 As soon as I saw those pants on the Anthropologie website, I started my hunt for them. And, when the pants went on sale, I immediately made an order. What I always liked about Anthropologie is that I know all the sizes I wear there, and I have never had any problems with sizing until now.  When I tried the pants on, to my big surprise, I drowned in them. I checked the size, and it was size 0. "What is going on?" - I thought. I decided to go one size down, which I have never done before, and ordered size 00. They were still pretty big, as you can see. I decided they mistakenly used the wrong tag and ordered another pair of pants in size 00. No, it wasn't the wrong tag, Anthropologie was wrong. I am writing this story because I am really frustrated with the way marketing works today. Is the retail world trying to convince me that after gaining 12 pounds, I shrank? Should I be ashamed if I need to buy a bigger size? What kind of message are they trying to send me? Why do I

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