Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Seasonal change

      We are getting close to the spring season, and I am finding that it is not easy anymore to create interesting and fresh outfits with items I have been wearing the entire winter. Also, I am tired of warm and heavy garments, but it is still not warm enough outside to wear something lighter when I need to walk for hours in the city.

      On Monday I had a day off and started that day with moving my winter coats in a different closet until the next winter season. I felt so ready for something lighter and "springier". I decided that I have plenty of warm sweaters which would help me survive a couple of weeks in seasonal change.

      One that I wore on Monday afternoon was from Free People - light and very warm, thanks to composition of wool, mohair and alpaca. I put a lightweight windproof jacket on top which helped to keep warmth inside. We spent the whole afternoon in Philadelphia and I felt light and warm; and my outfit definitelly put me on a spring mood.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Level of confidence

      It is still pretty cold here, in Philadelphia, but I couldn't wait to wear this knit jacket which I bought about a month ago. Believe me, I was in a mood to be creative, I tried many different options to put underneath this jacket, but as always, I ended up with my black cashmere turtleneck which you have seen in almost every post.

      At first, I was thinking "Again? Everybody is bored already with this sweater including myself...", but a few minutes later I realized that it was the item that made me - me. It is one of my goals to stay true to myself, I want to wear outfits that represent me and only me one hundred percent. I don't want to focus on my ability to create just any outfit, but to create an outfit for myself. Why resist?

     Yesterday I had a day off and decided to spend some time in the city. And I noticed that my level of confidence was much higher when I followed my style preference. Do you feel this way in clothes you wear?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New life for an old item

      Every time when I open my closet I see this poncho lying on the shelf right in front of my eyes... The truth is I like it very much, but I just don't know how and when to wear it. It is very warm and bulky to put underneath a coat. And, at the same time, it is not warm enough to survive in when it is windy and cold outside. And in our region, wind is not something uncommon. This poncho is also too loose.

     Finally, on Sunday I decided to go through my closet shelves and make some decisions about items I need to get rid of. Of course, this poncho was the first I saw in my closet. I took it in my hands..., it felt so soft and pleasant. I like the quality and a white/black combination. What can I do to make it work?

     I put on my cashmere turtleneck with a long sleeved shirt underneath, put the poncho on top and tried to tie it with a belt. I liked this idea - I solved all my issues with this garment. It felt very warm, not loose and pretty trendy, thanks to the belt.

     We went to Philadelphia that night and I wanted to give it a try. I wasn't sure if my outfit was going to be warm enough to walk on the city streets. I am glad to report that it was!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

My new experience

      Every time I buy shoes I pay attention to what they are made of. My first choices are always leather or suede, especially for the winter season. I only have one pair of fabric boots, but their insole is still made of leather. I have been very skeptical about manmade material or any other materials until I started working at Anthropologie.

      Of course, my work there is always on my feet, I am running around the store 4-6 hours a day and I need the most comfortable shoes to survive through my shifts on the floor. I realized right away that not all of my shoes would be comfortable enough to make it work. I desperately needed something different from what I had in my closet, less trend and more comfort.

      The pair of shoes I wore in today's post was my first pair of boots I bought there as an employee. It happened in October, after my six-hour shift when I realized that I would ruin my feet if I didn't find something I could stand for hours. I took them from a display... Well, they are not leather or suede (even though it says on the website they are suede, they are not), I twisted them in my hands in complete uncertainty of whether I would wear shoes of this quality, but decided to try them on anyway.

     And since that moment this has been the only pair I wear in my store. They fit like a glove and, at the same time, I never feel any inconvenience. Honestly, I have never even looked in the direction of manmade shoes and now I have to admit I was so wrong. I have been wearing them non-stop and my feet have never been happier since then. I am surprised by the quality and resilience, and if I knew it from the beginning I would definitely do what I usually never do - I would buy these boots in different colors. Unfortunately, my size was sold out very quickly... But I will be definitely on the hunt for the next winter season!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

My rescue item for winter

      If somebody asked me what is my most wearable item in the winter is, my answer would be a black turtleneck. It is the only one item I cannot survive without in the winter. I always look for new ones before it is even time to get rid of the ones I have. I think a black turtleneck makes every outfit easy to put together and, at the same time, it always looks very stylish regardless of whether it is worn with a pair of jeans, trousers or a skirt. And when I don't know what to wear, a black turtleneck always comes to the rescue.

      I have three of them in my closet from thiner to a thicker knit and I still feel like I could have more. For days like today I chose the warmest one which I recently bought at Anthropologie. I have been looking for that kind of a turtleneck sweater for a long time: warm with a collar that's not too tight and shorter than usual sweaters. But as they say in Russia - the one who seeks will always find!

      What is your rescue item for winter?

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Forgotten boots

      It has been pretty cold this last month in our region. And my priority for cold days is to keep my feet warm. I hardly wear hats and gloves, but I never let my feet get cold. When I was young, my mom always reminded me: "Keep your feet warm and your head cold", of course, she didn't mean extreme cold for my head, but she believed that the cold begins with frozen feet. And since my childhood I have been trying to follow her rule.

     I have a few pairs of high boots in my closet and always wear them when the temperature drops down below 32 degrees. Today it was one of those days when I really needed something warmer and higher than my winter booties. I looked through my shelf and found a pair which I totally forgot about.

     They were one of my first boots I bought here, in the United States. It was an in interesting episode. We went on our very first shoe shopping trip at Saks 5th Last Call (outlet) and I was stunned by the selection of shoes they had. My size is 5.5 and, believe it or not, that day we bought 6 pairs of boots and sandals for around one hundred seventy something dollars: two pairs of sandals and one pair of boots of Via Spiga brand (made in Italy), one pair of Prada boots, one pair of Portuguese brand boots (I don't remember the brand, but the quality was exceptional) and a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots which I am wearing today. I knew prices for these quality of shoes very well and I remember that I couldn't actually believe that it was possible to buy real shoes for such unreal price. Probably, it was possible only in America...

    I took them in my hands and smiled... So much has happened since that time, but these boots are still in my closet. How could I forget about them? They are twelve years old, but still in a great shape and they still remain one of my favorite. Of course, I had to walk them today!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Great minds think alike

     I have had this coat for two yeas already, but I haven't worn it very often because it is tricky to incorporate into an outfit, it is a little too dressy. But a couple of weeks ago I decided to try this coat in ways I would not usually wear it, I wanted to find more options for it. After several failed attempts, I stumbled upon a pair of jeans which I usually do not wear in the winter. I chose a cashmere turtleneck, my typical base for cold days, and suede boots, then put on the coat. I really liked what I saw in the mirror. I finally found a good alternative for how to wear this coat in everyday life.

      I couldn't wait to get a chance to go to Philadelphia and take photos of this look for my post, but between a big project at work, Eugene's work schedule and rainy, cold weather, it was not easy.

      One morning I was checking Instagram posts during breakfast and was stunned by the outfit one girl posted there. She was wearing the exact same outfit (of course, different brands, but the same idea), I have created not long ago, but didn't get chance to wear yet. It was my outfit waiting for its moment.

      This girl is a full time blogger Brooklyn Blonde and she is one of my favorite ones. I like her honesty about products she recommends and her life style. For a minute I felt like once I post my outfit, it will seem as if I copied her look, but in a moment I realized that we probably have something in common even though we have never met, because of our Russian roots. Is it possible?

      I decided to show my version today - more affordable and for women fifteen years older than her.