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Outfit for late spring

     I don't know if I am fully ready to continue posting on my blog. My mood goes up and down all the time. Sometimes I feel like I don't have any energy even to do my daily routine. It is still hard to even think about the loss of my mom, but I know how upset she would have been with me if she saw me being so sad. She always repeated that sadness and discouragement are the greatest sins. She was the one who never looked back and believed that life is always fair in any form. She truly had faith in God.      She was so proud when I started this blog because she was sure that I have an impeccable taste (of course, because she was my mom), and always encouraged me when I wanted to quit. That's why today I decided to continue. I am not sure if I can do it every week, but still, I will try...      Today was a rainy, gray, chilly day in Philadelphia. It seems to me that this year our spring is a month late. I am still wearing a trench coat at the beginning of May. I didn't

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