Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A dress for every season

      As I mentioned here , I can wear this dress the whole year around. I bought it last fall and I have been wearing it every season. You saw me wearing it in the winter twice here and here and now I want to show the easiest way to style it. The dress by itself! With a little addition of accessories.

      It was a perfect summer day for this dress - not hot and not humid. We had some errands to run and on our way home we just stopped by at the Ridley Creek State Park to take a few photos. I was happy we did it! Of course, we spent much more time there than we thought we would, but it was a good way to finish our day...

      I can definitely say that this dress is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. Every time when I put it on I feel so comfortable and confident in it, it is the kind of item that belongs to me.

      I know it was a little bit pricey at first but it has paid me back already because I wear it non-stop. I just need to remember when I buy something I really love I pay not only for the item itself, but also for my confidence, comfort and joy!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Changing style preferences

     I have never worn hats in the past... Never! When I was a child my mom was always trying to put something on my head and I always took it off. I hated any kind of headwear. Even after I had a sunstroke at the shore when I was ten years old, I still didn't learn my lesson.

     Surprisingly, three years ago we went to a local hat store at Cape May, NJ and I tried a hat there just for fun. Evgeny looked at me and said that I looked very pretty. I didn't believe him, but later I found it in our car. He bought that hat for me even though I said that I am not going to wear it.

     Three years later I already have three hats in my closet and I have started to wear them not only at the shore, but in my daily life. I think that hats add style and make outfits look more polished.

     Do you wear hats in your daily life?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Nothing new

      I have created this outfit with the items I have had for a while. Even though I love warm seasons very much they pass by so quickly that usually I don't get a chance to wear everything I have in my closet. That's why I few years ago I decided to stop my shopping for summer clothes.  I realized that every year I gave away too many garments I didn't get a chance to wear. Isn't that wasting my money, time and energy?

      I know how much fun it is to buy new clothes... But when I saw piles of clothes which I didn't want anymore for the next season I decided to be wiser. For example, I bought this top last year being sure that off-the-shoulder style will still be popular next year, and that's why I invested in in a good quality piece with a summer palette. I showed this top last year here and I still enjoy wearing it in the current season. Breathy, bright, relaxing and still in an a big trend. What else do I need for hot summer days?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Vacation time. Look #3

       For Tuesday night I prepared my yellow dress. I tried not to bring too many items with me that's why I created every look with only a few accessories and shoes. I only took two pair of shoes for the evening time - black and white which I also wore at the shore plus sneakers for my morning runs. I also decided to take a break with accessories. I wanted to keep it simple.

      That's why on my third night you can still see the same pair of shoes I wore last night and the bag which I showed repeatedly in all three outfits. In my opinion this bag went well with every look and it looked appropriate for the beach vacation.I bought this bag last year and I am still in love with it. This dress I also showed already in my previous posts not once.

        That night, we had an interesting episode: when we were on our way to dinner I suddenly heard someone clapping their hands. I turned around and saw three women sitting on a porch. They started waving at me and shouting how beautiful my outfit was. They were so sweet and definitely made my day.

      This dress is probably one of my favorites because every time I put it on I feel so happy and shiny and I think people around me can feel my happiness.

      Do you have any items which make you happier as soon as you put them on?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Vacation time. Look #2

      On Monday we went from the beach earlier and decided to walk around a little bit before dinner. This town was so beautiful - I could not get enough from it. The sun was still out, that's why I decided to wear a hat. I bought this hat a few years ago here, in Cape May, and it became one of my favorites.

      That day I chose a peasant skirt and a simple t-shirt. I wanted to feel most comfortable on my vacation. I also didn't wear any make up the entire time, except for lipstick, and it felt so good!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Vacation time. Look #1

       We have already opened our summer season with a trip to the New Jersey shore to a little town called Cape May. All I can say is it is my favorite place near us so far. It is only 85 miles from our house, but it feels like a real vacation place - quiet, beautiful with a wide clean ocean shore and a big variety of great restaurants. I love going there...

       I brought my computer with me in hopes to post on my blog regularly, but I haven't opened it even once. The weather was too nice and we were too active for sitting and writing posts.

     And now I have came back with photo shoots of three new outfit, which I wore on our vacation, and which I will show one after another in next few posts.  I want to start with one I wore on Sunday night.

      This time we got so lucky with the weather - comfortable 75 degrees with the sun shining bright and light breeze coming from the ocean. Before our dinner we decided to go the Cape May Lighthouse for a little stroll and my decision was to wear all-white outfit with a little touch of black. I think that white color is the best for spending time at the shore. It feels very relaxing and comfortable, and it looks good on a sun-tan body.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

My main preference in accessories

       We all know that without accessories it is not easy to finish our image. We talk about accessories all the time. Accessories make every outfit look unique and interesting, and they help better introduce us to the world. I have a long list of my favorite bloggers and every time they show a new outfit it includes matching bags, sunglasses, shoes, necklaces and so on... It could be a little addition of a complex cutout to a printed dress or many bright and stylish pieces which help complete a simple but bold garment.

      I have noticed that everyone has their own preference in accessories. Some people focus more on shoes, some prefer bags... What about me? You might have noticed that my main choice in accessories is sunglasses. I can buy an unknown, inexpensive brand of shoes or bags, but I would never put poor quality of sunglasses on my face, and for that I have two main reasons:

      First of all,  when choosing sunglasses, I always pay attention to the brand. I prefer brands that specialize in sunglasses or those that have enough money to invest in good quality frames. I want only the best sunglasses that suit my face and make me look more attractive and more stylish. In my opinion it is the best way to get a polished look.