Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Vacation time

      Today we are leaving for two and a half weeks to visit my family and friends in Russia. It has been a bit of crazy time since we bought out tickets. But we are ready to go - suitcases are packed, passports and tickets are in my bag, we are in our best mood waiting to meet with our family and friends.

      In Russia I will not be able to post any pictures of my outfits, that's why I hope you will come back to my blog in the beginning of October.

      Thank you very much for reading my blog. I will see you soon!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My big trip

      My big trip is coming up on September 14th and all I do now is just buying presents, pack and get prepared for my vacation. Evgeny and I are going to Russia for almost three weeks to visit our families and friends.

      Let me tell you that it is not that easy to set everything up between a full time job, find gifts gor my friends and relatives, and take photos for my blog..., but I am getting there. Most of the presents are bought, one suitcase is packed and wardrobe for our travel is finalazed.

    Today was a big day with the final shopping for my Russian girlfriends and my mom. We went to Macy's and I got so lucky with great deals there. I love this store, because it has so many options and I also can use my coupons on top of their discounts. It is hard to beat some of their prices.

    A top and jeans I am wearing today are from my recent purchase at Anthropologie. They had 40% off on sale items and, of course, I couldn't resist to buy a few beautiful pieces form there.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Big shopping day

      Today I decided that it is time to go shopping. I haven't been at the stores for so long and I realized how much I missed it. I know that on-line shopping is getting more and more popular and I have to admit that it saves a lot of time and energy, and it is very convenient.

      But I still have my moment when I want to go to my favorite stores and get inspired by their store designs. I love to touch fabrics of the items, and look closer at the mannequins, and how the designers put garments together.  The aromas of candles and potpourri make this pastime even better, especially when seasons change.

      Then I choose everything I like from the new collections (from earrings to shoes) and try everything on until I get tired. Yes, I can spend the whole day in the stores I like, and I never feel bad about it. Of course, I don't do it often, but some days I definitely need it.

     Today was one of those days when spent almost three hours at Anthropologie and I got so lucky with my new purchases. As you already know I am a big bargain person, I am all about good deals. And I got a few really ones which I will show you soon.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Last days of summer

      The warm season flies with different, much higher pace and I always feel that I don't have enough time to wear all my summer clothes. Even though I spend much more time outside there is still always something on my rack I haven't gotten a chance to wear at least once.

      For example, let's take this top which got as a present from my friend Raisa last spring. Isn't cute? I loved it from the first sight, but there were always something - too hot, too dressy, not appropriate... And now in the end of summer, I decided that it cannot go into a box with summer clothes before I wear at least one time.

      It is a very busy, bright piece that's why it didn't get too much time and work to create my look today. Simple and at the same time stylish for a Saturday stroll in the town, in my opinion.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day in jeans

      It is interesting, but the word "jeans" means rest for me. No matter how fancy they are, I always feel very casual and laid-back when I wear them. Usually, they don't need much attention in terms of accessories and special tops because they go well almost with everything.

     The jeans I am wearing today needed a little bit extra work because they were already a statement piece in the whole outfit. That's why I had to be careful with a top and accessories, I didn't want to overload the whole look.

      I love wearing jeans on days when I want to feel relaxed and cool. They make me feel young and carefree. And I am still looking for a perfect pair of jeans - the ones with great fit and shape, but at the same time - simple and casual style.

     Which brands of jeans do you prefer?

Friday, August 25, 2017

White colors

      Have you noticed that sometimes two white items don't match with each other? Even though they are both white, sometimes different shades of this color make it harder to put them together.

      For example, the pants I am wearing today are white with cream tones and when I tried a white shirt on, they looked like they were washed too many times and lost their whiteness. Paired with a pure-white item they lost their attractiveness.

      This tank top has the exact shade of white as the pants and and I got a totally different outcome.  The color looks bright and reach. All shades of white are definitely my favorites for the summer!

Monday, August 21, 2017

New York trip

     Last Friday we went to New York to finally get our Russian travel passports, and decided to stay there over night. I was very happy about this decision, because this city impacts me so positively. Every time I go there I feel very inspired;  this city makes me believe that everything is possible if you really want something (of course, if you are working hard towards your goals).

     And the most exiting thing is that we get a chance to spend time together with my daughter, Olga. She lives in New York and loves being there so much. We had a great time together and enjoyed every minute spent together.

     That night I wanted to feel comfortable and at the same time dressed up. In New York it is almost impossible to wear heels because there is always too much walking, even though you are not planning to go far at first. That why I chose a pair of the most comfortable shoes  in my closet - wedges. They are very stable and not that high.

      Also, you can never go wrong with a black and white outfit - it is my favorite combination.