Thursday, June 22, 2017

Unnoticeable change

      I remember I surprised myself when I bought this top a couple of years ago. It was a very weird and unusual choice for me. I would never ever select  and wear anything like that in Russia. Shapeless, short, small floral print and gloomy colors. No, it wasn't "me" at all. But at the same time I was looking for something different, something I've never worn before. I felt that I needed a changes in my life.

      I brought this top home and tried it on with a pair of jeans. I wasn't sure if I liked it, for sure it wasn't my style. But at the same time there was something different, something new and unknown. I felt very comfortable and free. Probably, free is the right word for my feelings: this item had no belts, no tight-fitting silhouette, no constraining  style. I decided that I had to try this new style. Even though I didn't feel myself, I still had to give it a try.

      And today, I know how it all started. This top was the first one in my closet  with which I started wearing loose tops and blouses. And now I can say - I love them. Unnoticeably, my style has changed very much and looking back I can say - it is not a bad thing.  We are changing -everything around us is changing!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rainy day in New York

      It was a spontaneous trip to New York. Olga and I decided to take Evgeny out there to celebrate a Father's Day. I checked the weather and realized that it was supposed to rain until lunch time, but we decided to go anyway. How could I say "No" for spending time in the most inspiring city in the world?

      The only one thing - I didn't know what to wear for this kind of a rainy, humid, gray day. I wanted to wear comfortable and practical clothes, but at the same time not too sporty... Finally the decision was made and I ended up with an all-black outfit, except for a jean jacket. Black is the best color for taking a train and spending the whole day in the city on a rainy day.

      I felt very comfortable and was pretty happy with my choice. And of course, it does not mater what kind of weather is awaiting for you there, this city is always so beautiful!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A beach dress

      It's interesting..., the dress I am wearing today we bought seven years ago in Atlantic City, NJ for Olga. And now, seven years later, we are in Atlantic City again and this dress is still "alive". But now - it's mine, I took it after Olga.

      I think this dress is still relevant even today. Simple shape, light, comfortable, restful - exactly what I need for a day on the shore. Long sleeves protect me well from a sunburn. Especially I love the color, I think that white is a perfect color for a beach time.

     I personally prefer wearing dresses or skirts near the ocean, for me they are more comfortable and help me feel more relaxed then pants or shorts do. That's why I am definitely keeping this white dress in my closet for days like today. Thank you Olga, again!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Short jacket

     Recently, I got my order from Macy's. There were five items and one of them was a jacket I am wearing today. I wasn't sure if it worked well for me, but anyway I decided to order and try it on. I am not tall (5'4 tall) and I know that short tops might make me look shorter, that's why I am very careful with that length. But I really liked this piece.

     Well... This jacket definitely needs high-rise wide-leg pants or jeans, which I don't have now, but they are already on my "Must buy list".

     And while  I am looking for them, I decided to try to make it work with skinny jeans and a long shirt. In my opinion the shirt is a little bit long, but besides that I like it.

    I ended up with returning three items back, but this short jacket definitely stays with me.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Out of comfort zone

      If I found this blouse in a store I would have never even looked at it - for me it's too girly with too many details at the same time - lace, embroidery, lush sleeves, too much fabric around my waist. It is definitely not my usual choice. But the thing is - when it comes from Olga, I always try things on, because sometimes I just want to see what she chooses for herself and the main question - why? What did she like about this item?

      And, of course, most of her clothes don't work for me, -  we have totally different preferences and styles, in addition to the age difference. But sometimes, as you've seen before, some pieces I end up keeping in my closet after she doesn't want them anymore. They really works well for me.

     Today I decided to wear this blouse, even if it is not my theme. I decided to try something totally new for myself, I wanted to see how I feel in the item which doesn't belong to me. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. I spent the whole day in this outfit and wasn't feeling uncomfortable. Again, it is not what I usually buy, but it's like being out of my comfort zone, a little challenge in a good way. I decided to keep it for a while... Who said that it's not for me?

Friday, June 2, 2017

A striped top

      I think that my favorite pattern for tops is stripes. I love all different kinds of stripes - wide and narrow, different colors and shades. Sometimes I need to control myself when I am choosing clothes to try on in stores because I might only have striped tops of all different styles and colors in my hands.

      In my opinion stripes always add more style and sharpness to any outfit. They help to create an interesting look in the easiest way because it is already pretty busy and do not require any accessories. Of course, I can always add something, but for days when I just go for a walk on the city streets it is good enough without any additions. Easy, simple and stylish.

      What do you like more - one-color tops or patterns?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Random selection

      Do you have these moments when you are stand in front of your closet and don't have any idea what you want to wear right now. You have mixed up feelings coming from "I don't have anything to wear..." In your mind you are trying different clothes on and not liking anything at the moment. It was exactly what felt standing and looking at my clothes.

      Finally, I chose the new culottes I bought recently at Anthropologie and a long cardigan, which was hanging in my closet at least for a year with a tag on. At first, it looked like a weird combination - a long cardigan and short pants, but when I tried it on, I really liked it. Unfamiliarly, but pretty interesting.

      We went to Philadelphia and I was surprised how many compliments I got from people on the streets.  It was a bit of a risky outfit for me to wear, but it turned out that it worked out well.

      Sometimes, it is a good thing to go out of our comfort zone and enjoy something that is totally not ours. And by the end of the day it became one of my favorite outfit I've created by chance. I felt very comfortable in it.