Thursday, March 30, 2017

Denim and leopard print

        I remember when my daughter bought this trench coat, I liked it so much. I thought at that moment that I should buy something like that for myself. It will never go out of style...

      And this past weekend she came to visit us and brought this trench coat. She knew how much I liked it and she decided to give it to me. I was very surprised and happy at the same time. Thank you, Olga!

      This trench coat can go with almost everything. But today I want to show how I style this coat with different colors of animal print. I love the combination of denim and leopard. It's been in trend forever...

     Which of these combinations do you like more?

     1. This outfit I would wear for a daytime or for work. It looks professional and sharp. 
I can go anywhere without thinking that it's a little too much. 
Just regular, casual look for any event.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

French touch

      This outfit was created for me with the help of two wonderful French ladies - Seda and Conni. They are originally from France and they own one of my favorite boutiques - Touche Accessories, which is located in King of Prussia Mall, PA. I love this place very much, I can always find there something really different from other stores. They both have exceptional taste and they always full of good advice.

      Last year I was looking for something beautiful and interesting for my birthday party and I couldn't find anything I liked. I always keep in mind- if I need something really different, it is time to visit my French ladies! Of course, they always have something I would never find anywhere else, plus their sizes belong to me. I know my exact size and it never changes in their boutique, not like in American stores.

      I explained to them what I was looking for, turned my head and saw a beautiful skirt on a mannequin, and from the first sight I knew - it was mine. Seda helped me to find a top  and a necklace, and 10 minutes later I was ready to pay for this outfit. It fit me perfectly!

      She looked at me very attentively and said: "Red suede heels, french manicure, little stud earrings, skin-tone tights - and you'll be the best at your party!"

      I gave her a hug... It was unbelievable how much she cared about how I looked! She teaches and helps me every time I come!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A vest

      I am a big fan of vests, especially in between seasons. When the temperature outside changes a lot from cold in the morning to warm at daytime, but wind is still pretty cool. Sometimes it is hard to decide - should I wear a trench coat or a cardigan? But the vest is almost always the right answer. It keeps your body warm, but at the same time makes you feel cooler because your arms are not covered with sleeves.

      I think a vest is always a great addition to almost every outfit, it's stylish and comfortable at the same time, and it's very easy to match with other clothes. I have three in my wardrobe, but this one I like the most because I can wear it almost with every casual item in my closet.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

In the end of winter season

      One day I am extremely happy about my blog and the very next day I am all in doubts. But I was thinking lately about it and realized that this blog helped me in so many different ways:

- I started developing my writing skills which for a non-native speaker is not easy;
- I am taking myself out of my comfort zone every time I pose in front of the camera;
- I spend much more time outside with Evgeny and we both enjoy finding new places in the area and taking pictures;
- I started cleaning my closet from "loner" things which have been with me for a long period of time. (I gave a limit, if I haven't worn an item for two years - it is time for it to go);
- I started shopping even wiser. No more spontaneous purchases. And even if that happened (we are all humans), I always keep a tag on a purchased item hanging for a while and  a check in my wallet;
- I started playing more with different combinations of clothes and accessories, and I found that I can create many more outfits with the same items.

      Honestly, I love it a lot! I had become very lazy and too comfortable with my style lately - easy, simple and boring. Now, thanks to my blog, I reminded myself how much I love to mix and match things, try possible options with impossible. And this blog is a real help for me.

      Today I decided to show my last three coats of my winter outerwear. They have been in my closet for a long time and I still wear them on a daily basis. Yes, I finally decided to look closer at my winter outerwear and make a strong decision. Is it time to go? Is it time to replace them with something new and modern?

      1. This coat I bought eight years ago, when I worked at Marshall's. It is pretty conservative and traditional with style and color in my opinion. That's why I still wear it without any doubts. The only one thing is it's not in a great shape anymore. But, honestly, - it is one of my favorite items in my winter closet. What do you think - should I keep it or not?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My first winter coat in the US

      A couple of days ago I was exploring my outerwear closet and I was really surprised when I found this coat. I totally forgot about it. Ten years ago it was my first purchase for the winter season here; how far back that time is now... It brought so many memories.

      Honestly, I didn't like this coat at all when I bought it. First of all, it was black color which I tried to avoid back in Russia. Second, I thought it was a weird length - I preferred longer or shorter coats, but not this length.  But..., being ten pounds lighter at that time - I realized that I didn't have too many choices with my size. I was drowning in almost every coat I had tried. The decision was made - we bought it as a temporary item and decided to continue looking for something else. But we all know that oftentimes temporary slowly becomes permanent.

      I've had many different outerwear items after that purchase, I even don't remember all of them, but this one... After ten years it's still in my closet, it is still with me.

      Today is cold outside again and I decided to put it on, I don't know..., I just wanted to remind myself what I felt wearing this coat, and it turned out that it still looked very good on me in my opinion.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Toss it items

      This pair of jeans and a shirt were on my "toss it" list. I bought them a long time ago and honestly I wasn't too excited about this purchase. But anyway I kept them in my closet.

"The jeans are too low rise and the short's color is gloomy. I just need to get rid of them, they don't make me feel confident!" - I've been thinking all this time without any action. But I did like the quality.

      Today I wanted to wear these boots, but I couldn't pair them with anything. The color of boots is not simple. Finally, my eyes caught the shirt; I put the shirt and the boots next to each other, added jeans and they looked pretty interesting all together. I put everything on but I was still in doubt, in my mind the shirt still looked dark on me, and the jeans were too low. But I decided to wear them anyway.

      The most interesting thing was when I let my thoughts go I started enjoying these pieces. They are comfortable and definitely my type of clothes. Did I create discomfort in my mind? Plus, when Evgeny downloaded the pictures from his camera, they said it all.

      What I want to say is sometimes it is helpful to look at ourselves though a photographer's lens because it gives us an opportunity to see ourselves from aside; and very often the picture we see looks totally different from our imagination.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Second new coat

      Honestly, that day (from my previous post) I ordered two coats. I couldn't decide which I liked more that's why I put both of them into my shopping cart. At first I fell in love with the black one ("A dressy coat" post) and there were no doubts I'll keep it. But the second one was a big question... Does it look good on me? Is it my style? Is it my length and shape? I tried it once and it didn't work for me.

      The whole last week I could't find time to stop by at Macy's to return this coat. But today I looked at it one more time and I decided to give it another try. I put it on with make up on and the right clothes and shoes, looked at myself and it turned that I liked the picture I saw in my mirror. I found it very important to try something new with the entire look pulled together - shoes, clothes, make up, hairstyle.
      Ok..., It still has tags on, but I want to look through Evgeny's camera how it looks at me and may be I can keep.

      Actually, I like it!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A dressy coat

      A few weeks ago we were going to a party at the restaurant. I was all dressed up and the last thing was choosing a coat to wear on top of my outfit. I opened my closet and realized that I don't have any coats that cover my knees. Every coat I tried was very casual and shorter than my skirt.  It looked very tasteless and definitely not for going out. When Evgeny saw it, he asked me: "Tatiana, do you have any normal coats? Why didn't you buy one presentable coat for special events?"

      I was silent, I really didn't know how to answer his question. This situation brought a lot of memories from when I lived in Russia. Yes, I had an ivory coat, a light peach coat, pink and black checkered  coat, green, black... Yes, I did! But it was a totally different lifestyle. I took a public transportation and then I walked to my work on one of the main and most beautiful streets of my city. Now I drive a car every day, that's why I don't need these fancy long coats anymore, they are not practical. "I don't walk anywhere anymore" - I thought sadly.

       But anyway, sometimes I am a very obedient wife and I took his advice literally. On the very next day I opened my computer and searched for a nice, good-quality coat. And let me tell you, it didn't take much time and money to find something I really liked. I ordered it right away and here we go.
      Today Evgeny's wish came true - we are going to Philadelphia and I am wearing the coat he really likes on me. Tell you the truth - I like it too!