Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One dress - three looks

     This dress has lately been the biggest disagreement between Evgeny and me. He found it at the Anthropologie store and asked me to try it on. I did it and I didn’t like how it looked on me. I said that I don’t want it, but when I left the fitting room he responded right away that we are going to buy this dress, he liked it so much. I started arguing with him that it’s not my style, I don’t know how to make it work for me… Unfortunately, all my reasons were hopeless. He just took that dress and went to the cashier.

      I was thinking: “Well… I’ll let him buy this dress now, and I will return it later”.  We came home and I even didn’t take it out of the bag probably for a month. But couple of days ago I decided to try it on one more time and it turned out that I liked it. I tried different looks and surprisingly it worked for me pretty well.

      Of course, every print takes more time to figure out how to match it with other items. Unlike bold colors, it doesn’t go with everything, but there is still variety of choices.

1.City look
Practical, snug, dynamic

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wrong length

      Today I want to talk a little bit about the length of pants, because the wrong length can ruin the whole look, no matter how beautiful each piece is. I bought these pants recently and didn’t get a chance to try them on at home and look at myself closer. And it didn't take long to realize that the result was not a desirable one - I was in the middle of Manhattan wearing pants which were way too long. It wasn’t the end of the world, but I definitely didn’t enjoy my look, I felt like it didn’t belong to me.

      In this case I said to myself – "Choose the shoes with 1 inch higher heels or cut 1 inch off, but never ever wear them like you did it today." The wrong length does me a disfavor!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Evening in Brooklyn

      I feel the best when my family gets together.  The biggest support and the deepest understanding, they come from my daughter and my husband. They are my island of peace and security. Sometimes, I believe Evgeny and Olga can read my mind, which makes our talks very easy and sincere. And sometimes, I even don’t need to say or explain anything - they still know what is going on with me. That’s why, every time when Olga invites us to spend couple of days together at her apartment in Brooklyn, I always say “Yes” right away.

      This time I didn’t bring anything fancy or trendy clothes, I didn’t want to put on any heels or create a stylish look. I wanted some rest inside and out, including my outfit.  I needed comfort and joy. And I made a great decision by choosing items made with natural fabric. Linen is probably one of my favorites.  I always feel different when wearing natural clothes; it always gives more rest and snug.

      To me - natural fabrics, even cotton or linen, always make any item look more expensive. I try not to wear synthetics. No matter how interesting and stylish a model is, synthetic fabrics make it look cheap. It could be a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics, but not 100% of synthetics.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Dress

      Today I want to show you a dress I found on Pinterest of one of the fashion bloggers I follow. As soon as I saw it I lost my cool. It was said that she bought it at Loft. I opened the Loft website right away and found that they were all sold out. I checked "Find in store" section and surprisingly  there was only one dress in my size at Shoppers at Brinton Lake Shopping Center, PA. I jumped in a car and in 30 minutes was there.

      Yes! There was the only one dress left waiting just  for me and it fit me perfectly. I loved it so much and no matter how much it cost I decided to buy it anyway...

      Can you imagine my surprise when a cashier checked the price and it was only $17.00? I couldn't believe it! Honestly, I would pay even a full price at this time, it looked like a gift for me.

      I love this dress very much! Every time when put it on I feel very festive. When I wear it, I always get a lot of compliments from people on the streets. Probably because I look confident, it is definitely the item that belongs to me.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Party Shoes

      This pair of shoes stayed in my closet for at least five years, and every time when I am trying to get rid of them... I simply cannot. I know, they are out of style, maybe a little bit too girly, but when I look at them, they make me smile! Bright, fun - these shoes are a real statement of any outfit I put on. I would never wear them to work, but for a night out this pair is perfect.

      Today I had that moment again when I almost threw them away, but before that, I just wanted to try them on one last time.  And, of course, as soon as put them on, I decided right away that they have to spend this Friday night with me. I spontaneously changed the whole outfit and kept the shoes on for the night.

      By the time I got home, the decision was made - I will keep those shoes for another year. I am not ready to say "Goodbye" yet!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last days of summer

   I know that after Labor Day we are not supposed to wear white, but what can I do if it's my favorite color? White goes well with every color I know, and I love any combination with it. In my opinion white makes every outfit fresher and more festive, adds brightness and youth.

      Last days of summer I really try to spend more time outside wearing something light and feeling relaxed. I chose a white top and bag right before I put them away until the next spring.

      Today I had a free morning, and my husband and I decided to go to Media to have a cup of coffee... Something I still miss in the US is going to a small, cozy, quiet cafe and getting a tiny china cup of wonderful, well-made espresso. Sitting outside and having a light chat with some friends or family members. No food or dessert, just the perfect little cup of coffee!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Forgotten item

       Do you check clearance areas in the stores? Usually I don't, because my thought is - if nobody wanted it why would I want it? But couple of times my eyes caught pretty interesting pieces there. One of them was pants which I am wearing today. They were on final sale at Gap Store, non-returnable, just for $6.00. I tried them on, they fit perfectly. But when I got home and put them on again, I found that the length looked really weird and none of the shoes matched with these pants. I hung them in my closet and successfully forgot about them.

       Recently I ordered a top on-line from Anthropologie (I am showing it today) and tried to pair it with skirts and pants from my wardrobe and surprisingly, one year later, I found these pants. I decided to play a little bit with the whole look. I matched them with different shoes, accessories, but something was still off until I rolled up the hems.

      It turned out like a great casual look. Comfortable, relaxing and easy to wear. I liked both looks - with wedges and with heels. I think in both ways the whole look seems good.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sailor style

       Do you have in your wardrobe items that stay in there almost forever? Honestly, I do.  I have a few things that I cannot get rid of. One of them - a pair of pants I was wearing today. They have been with me for almost ten years and I still can't let go of them. Simply, I love this piece of my clothing and all these years every time I put them on, I feel well-dressed and stylish. And they still look very trendy and modern, don't they? I call that type of clothes 'ageless'!

      Evgeny (my husband) bought these pants at T.J.Maxx when we just came to the USA and I fell in love with them right at that moment. Great quality of fabric, very well made, perfect fit, classic design...

      Even though I am a kind of person who loves to update my closet pretty often, I still have my favorites which stay with me a very long time. And I still enjoy wearing them a lot! Do you have any clothes that stay in your wardrobe for ten years?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Perfect length

       I bought this skirt last year on a Christmas sale and thought it is going to be a one-time-wear item. But later I realized that I really like it, especially for the summer season.  It goes almost with every top from my wardrobe and it has the perfect length which means I can wear it with different style of shoes.

      Today I want to show how I style it with flats. I think it looks perfect. I found that not every skirt goes well with flats, it is all about the proportions. But in my opinion, the length of a skirt which just covers my knees looks perfect with every kind of shoes - flats, keds, wages, heels... 

      This look is very comfortable and appropriate for work.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Almost Friday

      Couple of days ago my girlfriend and I decided to go to a sushi place for dinner to catch up. I had an hour after work until the time we were supposed to meet, that's why I stopped by the house and changed my work clothes. I have a dress code at work and when I get a chance to switch to something more comfortable I always do.

     Jeans are usually my Friday and weekend uniform. But today I really wanted to feel relaxed, I didn't want to wear anything fashionable or fancy, even though I am all about it. Do you have days like that?

     And today I just want to show how I prefer to wear low rise (mid-rise) skinny jeans. As I mentioned in the Black Jeans post, I always cover the waist and hips areas with right length of a shirt or a sweater.

      I chose these shoes because even though they look very high they are still very snug and easy to wear.