Tuesday, August 30, 2016

One dress - three looks

       I bought this dress at Anthropologie a couple of months ago. It was on a big sale and I got it only for $27.00. I love bright colors especially for summer time. I always feel lighter and fresher in white. I also think that light colors make me look younger.

      Today I want to show three different outfits which I created based on this dress.

1.City walk.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Simple and Joyful

      It's been very hot for the past few weeks; summer doesn't want to give up at all. In these kind of days I hardly can stay outside. It's very hard to find the right clothes in order to feel cool and breezy. When my husband suggested to take a walk or drive somewhere, at first, I didn't know what to say... Who wants to go anywhere in 90 degrees outside?

      But, instead of complaining that it was a bad idea, I went to my closet and found a perfect dress for day like today. Light,simple, flattering, airy..., no belts, no tension at all. Of course I'll go now!

      We decided to go to Cape May, NJ and take a little stroll. I love this town. It always makes me fell very happy. In addition, the yellow color of my dress added joy and enhanced my sunny mood.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Black jeans

      What could be simpler than buying a pair of jeans? They are everywhere in various styles, colors, lengths. Almost every brand produces them... All I need to do is just go to a store and get them! But as soon as I decided to replace an old pair, it didn't look so easy anymore.

      The older I become, the more complicated it gets to find the perfect pair of jeans. Let's admit it - my body is not of a twenty-year-old anymore: my waist is not that thin, the lines of my hips are not that defined. Of course, it's not the end of the world and all I need to do is be more careful with style and fit. 

      First of all, I know - no low rise jeans for me. They make me look like a sausage, and also make my legs shorter. An awful picture! The only one option for wearing them is to pair them with unfitted top or sweater long enough to cover my problem areas.
      Second of all, "NO" to the stretchy fabric. It doesn't keep my body in shape and looks very cheap after a couple of wears.
      And the last tip is the fit. They have to fit perfect and comfortable, covering all problem zones and showing all best features

      It took a while until I found the right pair of black jeans. High rise; slim; thick, good quality and a bit stretchy fabric; perfect fit and length. What more can I wish for?

      Today I decided to wear all black, sometimes I like to cover myself in one color. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

White and Black

      I think black and white is my favorite combination of colors, and I am not just talking about my wardrobe. In real life that mix also has a meaning.  It was especially relevant when I was younger; it was very hard to admit that other colors also existed in my life - it was easier to put every person or situation through a black/white filter.

      Well, then a lot of things happened in my life and I am not that strict anymore about the "black/white" rules, but I still sometimes follow them in my closet.

      You will see a lot of outfits on me with only two colors involved. But I think it is not bad at all when we are talking about clothing and accessories.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Comfort and Quality

      I bought this skirt last summer and wore it only once... I loved it a lot, but I couldn't find anything that would make it a complete ensemble. Sometimes it seems like the simplest thing at first, but when you try to put things together it doesn't look easy anymore. You just don't like it, period!

     Last week I opened Macy's website and saw a top. It was the one! From the first look I knew it's going to work together perfectly. I ordered it right away.

    Actually, you can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren! When I put this top next to the skirt I was very happy to see how they work together. They were perfect! I couldn't wait when I get a chance to walk this outfit. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bright colors

      I am originally from the south part of Russia. I would call it a resort area, because I used to live 50 miles away from the Black Sea. Have you ever noticed that people from  resorts love to wear bright colors? Maybe there is a lot of sun and warmth, or resort areas make people feel that it is time to relax and have fun...

      I don't know, but once in a while, my southern blood reminds me where I am from, and in these moments I desperately need to put on something crazy.

     Today, probably, is one of those days...  It might look a little bit too much, but it is exactly what I wanted! I've noticed that I am very dependent on the colors I am wearing, and sometimes the wrong color on me can make me sad.

Friday, August 12, 2016

New look with old dress

      This dress I bought a year ago and got a chance to wear just once. I couldn't decide if it's my style or not... But today, with almost 100 degrees outside, I decided that this dress will be perfect for going out on a Friday night.

      Light, very open and at the same time chic. When I put it on, all my doubts about the wrong style disappeared. I felt very confident and that it belongs to me. I will definitely keep it for a while in my closet.

      In my opinion, the best way to check if you still want this item in your closet is to try it on with the right shoes, bag and accessories and look closely in the mirror. If you love your reflection - keep it, if you dislike it even a little bit - get rid of it right away! You will never rock it!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Saturday in Philadelphia

      The dress I am wearing today I found on the Anthropologie website and it was love at the first look. I've been looking for something comfortable and stylish at the same time for a while and when I saw this cozy dress I realized - this is it! Of course, I wouldn't wear it to work, but for a city walk or a day on the shore with a snug pair of shoes, what could be better?

      I love when style and comfort come together. It feels like I can walk for miles and enjoy myself wearing the right outfit, which is so important. And, even though, I am a big fan of high heels and office dress code, sometimes we all need some rest from being too professional and excessive.

      Enjoy your weekend, everyone!