Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Walk along the waterfront

      Sometimes I really like wearing something simple and comfortable without anything extra:  a little bit of make up,  simple bracelets and earrings, comfortable shoes and lose-fitting clothes. On days like that all I want is to feel relaxed and free.

      Today I am wearing another striped top (the kind I have plenty of in my closet), and linen pants. What could be better for walking along the waterfront? I always enjoy being near the big water - a sea, an ocean or a wide river, it gives me calmness and peace.

      Sometimes I need a break from dressy clothes in order to enjoy simplicity.

Top - Tommy Hilfiger, Pants - NY&Company, Shoes - Michael Kors,
Bag - Valentina, Earrings- Express, Necklace -Olga's gift
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Photos by: Evgeny Verivski

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