Thursday, May 25, 2017

Shoe addiction

      I love shoes, all different kinds of shoes! I don't think that I am saying something new or unusual, and I am sure that all of us feel the same. When I was in my twenties in Russia, it wasn't easy to buy a good pair of any shoes (sandals, boots, heels). For good quality shoes we would pay almost a monthly salary, that's why I had a tiny variety of choices - two pair of winter boots, two-three pairs of spring/fall season shoes and three-four summer sandals and flip-flops. I was very gentle wearing them and took care of each pair very well.I always went to a shoe repair shop with any little problem to make my shoes ' life longer.

      When I moved to the US, at first I couldn't believe how cheap the shoe shopping was here compared to Russia. I couldn't stop buying pairs after pairs and I didn't know how to keep myself from the stores with attractive sale prices.I felt like I was in a shoe paradise.

      But today, ten years later, I treat shopping completely differently. I feel that enough is enough. Nowadays I have become very selective with my shopping, especially with shoes. I decided to buy only something really interesting and, I would say, different. Something that catches attention and at the same time is made with quality and comfort.

    Today I am wearing the shoes I bought last fall at Anthropologie. I fell in love with them at first sight, but they were pricey for me. I added them to my shopping cart and started waiting until they go on sale. And if my size got sold out before they went on sale, it would have been ok with me. Today I know for sure that another beautiful pair will always be waiting for me. I am not worried about it anymore.

     But in this particular case everything worked out just perfectly. This pair of shoes cost around $200.00, I waited for a month, and finally bought them for $41.00. Isn't great?

Sweater, Shoes, Earrings - Anthropologie, Pants - Michael Kors, Bag -Marco Buggiani,
Watch - Burberry, Scarf - Friend's gift, Suglasses - Ray Ban

Photos by Evgeny Verivski


  1. Tatiana, I love this outfit on you. It is so casual--and flat shoes! You have become an American!

    1. Yes, Madeline! I started wearing the flat shoes and I like it! Thank you!

  2. So glad I found your blog Tatiana. I love khaki paired with orange and you wore those pieces so well. The sweater and loafers are pretty. =)

    I host a style linkup every Thursday and would love for you to share your latest posts. You have great style. Link is below.

    Ada =)

    1. Thank you so much, Ada! I will definitely join your link up on Thursdays. Your blog is lovely, I love your style!