Friday, March 10, 2017

Toss it items

      This pair of jeans and a shirt were on my "toss it" list. I bought them a long time ago and honestly I wasn't too excited about this purchase. But anyway I kept them in my closet.

"The jeans are too low rise and the short's color is gloomy. I just need to get rid of them, they don't make me feel confident!" - I've been thinking all this time without any action. But I did like the quality.

      Today I wanted to wear these boots, but I couldn't pair them with anything. The color of boots is not simple. Finally, my eyes caught the shirt; I put the shirt and the boots next to each other, added jeans and they looked pretty interesting all together. I put everything on but I was still in doubt, in my mind the shirt still looked dark on me, and the jeans were too low. But I decided to wear them anyway.

      The most interesting thing was when I let my thoughts go I started enjoying these pieces. They are comfortable and definitely my type of clothes. Did I create discomfort in my mind? Plus, when Evgeny downloaded the pictures from his camera, they said it all.

      What I want to say is sometimes it is helpful to look at ourselves though a photographer's lens because it gives us an opportunity to see ourselves from aside; and very often the picture we see looks totally different from our imagination.

      I like this look and I will definitely wear it again!

Cardigan - Anthropologie, Shirt - Ralph Lauren,  Jeans - Armani Exchange, Boots - Cole Haan,
Belt - American Eagle, Bag - Arcadia, Jewelry -Evgeny's gift, Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Photos by Evgeny Verivski


  1. Tatiana, I like this outfit--the boots and purse match--and I also love the belt. Nice touch.

    1. Thank you, Madeline! I like the combination of the purse and boots too. They go well together even though I bought the bag seven years later...