Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Comfort and Quality

      I bought this skirt last summer and wore it only once... I loved it a lot, but I couldn't find anything that would make it a complete ensemble. Sometimes it seems like the simplest thing at first, but when you try to put things together it doesn't look easy anymore. You just don't like it, period!

     Last week I opened Macy's website and saw a top. It was the one! From the first look I knew it's going to work together perfectly. I ordered it right away.

    Actually, you can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren! When I put this top next to the skirt I was very happy to see how they work together. They were perfect! I couldn't wait when I get a chance to walk this outfit. 

     Comfortable, stylish and great quality, what else can I say?

      I chose a set of fine jewelry for this outfit even though I know that it is not trendy anymore to wear a matching set... But in this case I like it.

    I fell in love with this bag because it goes almost with everything

      Thank you very much, Mr. Lauren! You've made my day!

Top - Lauren Ralph Lauren here, Skirt - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, similar here,
 Shoes - Jessica Simpson, similar here, Bag - Marino Orlandi, similar here, Belt - Lauren Ralph Lauren here, Jewelry - here

Photos by: Evgeny Verivski

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