Sunday, July 16, 2017

Russian style

       It is exactly how I used to look almost 11 years ago back in Russia. It was my style at work, at the parties, on weekends strolling downtown - always in shape and on high heels.  No matter where I was going I always wore tight and tailored dresses, skirt and pants suits and very rarely jeans and knitted garments. My clothes were my second skin and I liked it tight.

      I bought this dress at Macy's a long time ago and completely forgot about it. It was interesting when I found this dress in my closet and tried it on I felt very weird, like it doesn't belong to me anymore.  It wasn't comfortable at all - it was hard to breath; I needed to keep myself straight all the time. This dress really kept me in shape. I used to love it before, but not anymore. I don't even know - is it a good or a bad thing?

      Yesterday we were going to a baby shower and I decided to give it a shot. I was thinking that I can wear it only one time and then send it to my niece to Russia. But I got so many compliments on this look, and I am thinking now - should I keep or get rid of it?

Dress - Calvin Klein, Shoes - Steve Madden, Bag - Michael Kors, Earrings - NY&Company,
Bracelet -Express, Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Photos by Evgeny Verivski


  1. One of the great things about aging is learning that it is good to be comfortable--and that fashion can be comfortable. Although this dress looks great on you, if it is not comfortable, why bother? You have plenty of other things that look great on you and are comfortable. Life is too short to drink cheap wine or wear uncomfortable clothes (in my opinion).

    1. You are right, Madeline. By the end of the evening I didn't feel that uncomfortable anymore, but it was more than that. I felt like it was not me anymore. It does't represent me, who I am now. Same idea with cheap wine - totally agree!