Saturday, July 8, 2017

Particular style of a t-shirt

     Do you have any items in your wardrobe which were supposed to be tossed a long time ago, but you just can not let it happened? I do... Today I am wearing one of them.

     I bought this t-shirt a long time ago and every summer I promise myself that this is the last summer I keep it in my closet, and every time in end of the season I make a decision to prolong its life until the next one. I don't know why...

      It doesn't look like it is a big problem to replace it with a new one. The stores are full of all different kinds of t-shirts, but this particular one includes everything I like about t-shirts: perfect neckline and length; the color - I can easily match it almost with anything;  thin and very breathable knitwear which at the same time is not translucent; and most importantly - it has one of my favorite quotes - "Never give up".

      When I looked at these pictures closer I have noticed that my t-shirts has little pills in some arias which means - it is definitely time for it to go, but not until the end of the summer.

T-shirt - Express, Skirt - Anthropologie, Shoes - Guess, Bag - Gucci
Earrings - Loft, Bracelets - Friend's gift
Sunglasses - Dolce&Gabbana
Photos by Evgeny Verivski


  1. Tatiana, You have that rare ability to dress=up a t-shirt into a beautiful outfit. You can probably get another t=shirt-"Never give up" is very popular these days.

  2. I never throw away my old t-shirts unless they are stained because they always come in handy. A vintage tee never goes out of style. I adore how you paired your's with a print skirt. Very cool!

    1. I totally agree with you, Toyas! Thank you so much!

  3. I keep my t-shirts as long as possible! Yours (to me) looks like it is still in great shape and you styled it so well!

  4. I would have kept that cute tee, also. I love how you dressed it up. Your skirt, heels, clutch and top knot are all fabulous!

    I run a style linkup on Thursdays and I'd love for you to join it and share your awesome style with all of my readers. Thanks. Hope to see you there.

    Ada =)

    1. Ada, thank you very much! And I will definitely join your link up!

  5. Great outfit! casual and chic ;-)
    Love the accessories!

    Have a great week!

  6. That is an absolutely lovely skirt! Love your outdoor location and your tie in with nature! Great stuff!
    Paulo Paradox |

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